a child friendly society



Ø    Pre-school teacher training — accredited Montessori training adapted to local circumstances. Teachers  make their own equipment and learning activities.

Ø    Pre-school assessment with rewards for those that attain and hold high standards.

Ø    Family maths and science literacy workshops comprising fun activities with educational outcomes.

Ø    Psychosocial activities and counseling to help vulnerable children to speak out and ask for help when it is needed.

Ø    Children’s theatre workshops that focus on challenges participants face in their lives.

Ø    ‘Neighbourhood places of care’ is a child protection intervention involving the selection and skilling of safe households where children can go after school.

Ø    Child support groups where children can meet and play after school under adult supervision.

Ø    Household economic strengthening training and coaching in creative income-generating activities for  vulnerable families.

Ø    Voluntary savings and loan clubs where members are assisted in starting and maintaining clubs.

Ø    Voluntary Savings and Loan Clubs, as part of Woz’obona’s Household Economic Security programme, help  members to both start and maintain the clubs


 Woz’obona has invested in the community by training and mentoring community development workers and ECD (EarlyChildhood Development) practitioners.The training provided by Woz’obona enables people to develop and use these skills later in life. Child care workers have found employment in the formal sector as have a number of nurses who received training through Woz’obona.

The organisation’s most significant strength lies in its history of working within contextually relevant issues in the communities it serves. It has become a well-known brand and continuously designs innovative programmes that are relevant to changing times and needs.

The strength of the brand lies in rolling out trustworthy programmes that serve the early childhood development, education, youth ,household strengthening and HIV sectors. Woz’obona has good relationships with communities and stakeholders and strong networks with like-minded organisations, both nationally and internationally.


Woz’obona’s holistic approach to children’s needs and location within the communities it serves adds to its brand strength.