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About Wozo'bona/Sep

Our History 

Woz’obona began in 1988 piloting its preschool teacher training programme in urban and rural situations. This training programme was accredited in 1996, and through it approximately 500 preschool teachers have been trained.  In the late 90s Woz’obona began to develop other programmes to benefit children and their families including. Woz’obona programs are based on the following pillars:

v  Education for children and youth.

v  Household economic strengthening.

v  Child protection & social inclusion.

v  HIV prevention education

v  General health care referral

Woz’obona is a registered not for profit in South Africa with Public Benefit Organisation status, offering 18 A tax advantages to donors,  and the organisation acquired it’s VAT number in 2008.

Woz’obona has been supported by a wide variety of donors through the years, the longest standing donor is terre des hommes (since 1989), and the second is the Jim Joel Education Fund (since 1993).

 In 2009 Woz’obona was awarded a Most Dynamic Early childhood programme award by the Academy for Education Development now FHI 360 and the ABSA/SABC award for best Early Childhood Development Resource and Training Organisation in Limpopo.


Organizational and Administrative Capacities:Wozo’bona (NPO Registration Number 006-733) is accredited through the Early Childhood (ECD) Resource and Training Organisation and has been recently awarded reaccreditation from the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP-SETA) Registration number: 649 Accreditation number: ETPDP0183 .  Wozo’bona has established management processes and procedures that have consistently enabled its projects to operate efficiently, successfully and within budget. Wozo’bona/sep constantly seeks ways to improve its management practices through Technical Assistance and training for management & field staff.  


Ø   All children are born with full potential – therefore we endeavour to stimulate, build and     support each child to realise their potential.

Ø  Children learn through play-therefore we endeavour to create opportunities, space and time to enable children to play.

Ø  Every parent wants the best for their children- to this end we endeavour to support, educate build and promote parental involvement as well as guide parents to ensure that their priorities are aligned to the best interest of the child.

Ø  Children internalise more of what they observe than what they hear- to this end we endeavour to model the best examples of good morals, behaviour and choices in the way we act on and off duty.

Ø  Children have an opinion and they must be heard- thus we commit to always lend a listening ear to each child and show deep respect for their feelings, ideas and thoughts.

Ø  Every child is my child- Our employees must at all times promote, protect and defend the best interest of each child with the same vigour that they will do for their own biological children.


 A right based organization which develops innovative models and facilitates sustainable programmes through collaboration with like-minded institutions to enable communities to improve the lives of children. 


Ø Child participation

Ø Integrity

Ø Accountability to Beneficiaries

Ø Confidentiality


A Child Friendly Society

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