a child friendly society

Instead of using a one-model-fits-all approach, child care workers follow the child into their personal environment to identify what steps need to be taken to ensure a particular child’s optimal growth and development. By following a child home, we learn much more about his or her environment,family, friends and life. By using this approach, Wozo'bona/sep has been able to assist many children and in the process as an organisation we've conceived and developed a broad range of
programmes that assist in creating better situations for even the most vulnerable children in their households

A child-friendly society is one in which children’s needs are met as a priority.One where children can play and learn,giving them a strong foundation so that they can grow and develop their full potential as people.

(come and see)

Our founder members created a method for working with pre-school teachers and with their learners.
They knew that anyone who visited a
school where training and coaching were happening would immediately understand what it was all about.Thus they named the organisation
Woz’obona/sep (come and see) to encourage people to learn from their experiences by visiting the relevant
pre-schools so that they too could see
what a difference the interventions were making in the lives of children and teachers.